Gozu Ikoi no mori

You can enjoy forests, rivers and mother nature.

 This place is to live in harmony with nature and enjoy it quietly. Not to party.


Visitors can access entire park including river(Parking is charged only during high season)
 ※High season(During long vacation, Sat.& Sun. in summer and Bon festival) 

Day camp and overnight camps are available.

※Reservations are required(No cancellation fee but advance notification required)



(Gozu Ikoi no mori adress)

24 Hatae, Agano City, Niigata Prefecture






◆OpenMid-April ~Late-November 

◆ClosedTuesday and Wednesday




Day camp : 500 yen(up to 5people)

           1000yen(up to 7 people)


Overnigth Camp

please bring your own tent1500yen1tent site-space

Parking fee

1000yenper stayonly during high season, otherwise it’s free.

High season(During long vacation, Sat.& Sun. in summer and Bon festival) 

〈Reservations and inquiries regarding camping〉

Please send us an E-mail with the following information to gozuikoi2013@yahoo.co.jp

①(Name of representative)(Phone number)(Home address)  

②Number of people using the camp    

  Choose either Day camp or Overnight camp

  Check in date and time.Day camp: 10:00AM4:00PM, Overnight camp: 10:30AM9:30 AM

⑤〈Day camp reservation〉

  ・Please select your preferred site from (riverside, forest or either is fine)

  ※kamado is available at the forest site.

 〈Overnight camp reservation〉

  ・Please select your preferred site from (forest, grass/riverside or grass/plaza)

  ・Please enter the space needed to pitch a tent(tent+tarp tent)   approx.( m x m)

 If you wish to bring your pet, please let us know in advanceUse pet-friendly site 

【Additional information】

Please consult with us if you have any disabilities.

Do not leave pets unattended.
You can find Charcoal bins in each cooking area.
ShoppingConvenience store “LAWSON”3min. by car

             “Hirasei Food center and home center” 15min. by car 15 min. from Yasuda IC 

 No showers are available. There are many hot springs nearby5min. by car 


  The weather in the mountains can change easily. Prepare for rain and bring warm clothes.

  Please take measures against insects. (bees, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, leeches, and horseflies)

Long sleeves and long pants are essential.

To protect yourself from ticks and leeches, please put the hems of your pants inside your


  Also keep your shirt inside your pants.

In late-Julyearly-August, bring a fan-Uchiwa for protection against horseflies.

    If you see a bee on guard, please leave the area.

③ Do not feed the monkeys.

Mt. Gozu Ikoi no Mori Site MAP
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How to use camp
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